Donna Brazile to Serve as Interim DNC Chair Through Election

Donna Brazile

After the emails from the Democratic National Committee were leaked over the weekend, it has been announced that Donna Brazile, Vice Chair for the DNC, will act as interim chair through the election.

The DNC email leak revealed that the current chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, had unfairly criticized and spoke out against the Bernie Sanders campaign. The DNC, and most importantly the chair of the DNC, is supposed to be an impartial governing body. Basically, this reveals that the thoughts of the committee went against a prominent candidate and could have impeded the democratic process.

The emails imply that Wasserman-Schultz as well as other DNC staffers colluded with the Clinton camp to make her the nominee while making Sanders and his campaign appear unfit for candidacy. Amidst all of this drama, Wasserman-Schultz announced that she plans to step down after the conclusion of the Democratic National Convention.

In the meantime, Vice Chair Donna Brazile will step in as the acting chair through the end of the election. Although Brazile was also implicated in the email leaks, she is taking appropriate steps to right the wrongs done by the DNC.

“I went over yesterday to see the Sanders campaign [and] I apologized,” Brazile said. “I think, the allegations, the e-mails, the insensitivity, the stupidity needs to be addressed.”

After the unruly behavior displayed at the Republican Convention, the Democrats were surely planning on demonstrating what a typical and presidential convention looks like. However, this scandal only makes the Democrats appear to be just as disconnected as the Republicans. Not to mention, this email leak somewhat affirms the political corruption that Bernie Sanders often spoke about during his campaign.

Regardless, Brazile and Sanders both know that this is still a time for the party to unite in order to defeat Donald Trump. Sure, this is not a good look for the Democrats, but at least for now, it appears that Brazile is ready and willing to do everything in her power to promote unity at this week’s convention.

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