Democratic Caucus Celebrates Diversity With a Culinary Twist


The Asian-Pacific, Black and Hispanic Democratic Caucus Alliance held their inaugural ‘Spring into Action’ social in downtown at the IBEW Union Hall.

Caucus members enjoyed a Saturday BBQ social, networking and casually strategizing for their future with families, friends and candidates. A highlight  of the event was the pulled pork sandwich contest. The pork was pulled from a slaughtered pig where the diverse Alliance members pulled the meat to prepare their favorite pork dish. Dishes prepared included the Asian styled cooked banh mi pork and chicken dish, the Hispanic argentine pork sausages and the winning dish was the Black Caucus Southern-style pulled pork sandwich. In total, 77 people attended the event.

The main goal of the Alliance cook-off was to celebrate and recognize the Democratic Caucus diversity and the importance of the upcoming elections. State and local officials unable to attend assisted with donated food and beverages. Also on the menu was local candidate’s eagerness to meet members and constituents to discuss their democratic platforms.

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