DayCare Essential Workers Reevaluate Hands On Learning

Tiffany Bell (Director, St. Marks Ark PreSchool)

By Tiffany Bell (St. Marks Ark Preschool) – Due to the current pandemic climate, now more than ever pre-school teachers are being considered as essential workers. Currently the daycare business is being affected due to the inability to have direct hands on learning to communicate with pre-schoolers, which can cause some serious delays later on in life. Communication, social, and emotional states of our future generation is being heavily impacted by Covid 19. In every business communication is a major key to the success of human nature. The social and emotional state of our preschool children start early in life and sets the path for success in the future. Childcare care facilities across the nation have experienced shutting down abruptly due to covid 19. Families, relationships and the stability of teachers were disrupted greatly. Going to preschool when you are the age of 0 to 5 years require routines and familiar places and faces in order to thrive at their best ability.

Tiffany Bell (Director, St. Marks Ark PreSchool)

As an eight year child care provide and a mother of one, I have watched children grown, learn and become the person they vision for the future.  The pandemic has placed stress amongst the preschool world, but will not hinder what early childhood teachers are trying to achieve to reopen a safe and newly revised cleaning regimen for childcare facilities based upon the new rules and regulations provided by the each city and state, making sure children do their best by not putting toys in their mouths, or not letting them see our faces fully without a mask can send mixed signals to a learning toddler. Smiles and facial gestures help children learn the human body language without using words. Although virtual learning for our current time is getting us through this difficult pandemic, it will not be effective in the long run. From a childcare professional’s point of view, it is imperative to inform the parents who are filling the void as the teacher in their children’s lives much appreciation and respect. Eventually class room settings will continue to take place.  In today’s society, hands on learning is a must. In reality, Covid-19 has impacted this current generation tremendously and it will take helping hands and an extreme amount of love to get us through this all.

Tiffany Bell, Director at St. Marks Ark PreSchool. She holds a degree in Business Administration from Florida State College of Jacksonville (FSCJ) and has been in business since 2012.



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