Coronavirus is a Sad Study of Natural Selection

Reginald J. Clyne, Esq.

In 1859, the English naturalist Charles Darwin wrote his famous book, “On the Origin of Species,” which was his theory that nature selects out the strongest and fittest, who survive to pass on their genes to the next generation. We are now seeing his theory in real time.

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was initially believed that the elderly and persons with preexisting conditions were the most vulnerable, and that young, healthy people would survive exposure to the virus, because of their stronger immune systems. Thanks to science, we were given vaccines that enable smart people to get vaccinated and boost their immune system. With the vaccine, even the elderly and persons with compromised immune systems can survive exposure to the virus.

Now, Darwin’s theory is coming into play. New variants of the virus are emerging, delta and lambda, and they are hitting younger individuals with healthy immune systems. In fact, 99% of coronavirus patients currently hospitalized are individuals who chose not to be vaccinated. These patients are younger, and for most part, healthier than the first wave of COVID patients. Only .0004% of vaccinated individuals are dying from the virus. In contrast, unvaccinated people are landing in ICU and losing their lives.

Those of us who celebrated the end of the pandemic because we had the miracle cure must now accept the reality that because we did not reach the 70% vaccine rate needed to reach herd immunity, the virus is surging again. In most states, less than 50% of eligible residents are vaccinated. People refuse to take the vaccine for a variety of reasons. Some think it is a government plot to implant a “chip” inside your body and track your whereabouts. Some are scared because the vaccine has only emergency approval.

I listened to a segment on television where a doctor explained to a patient in an ICU who refused to take the vaccine because of its emergency approval status, that he was being treated by medications that were also approved on emergency basis.

A doctor in Alabama, where vaccination levels are some of the lowest in the country, was explaining that she had to tell young patients dying of the virus who now wanted the vaccine that it was too late for them.

We have a preventable, potentially lethal illness that can be avoided or mitigated by taking a vaccine. Vaccines have been used to cure polio, measles, smallpox and myriad illnesses. We require children to be vaccinated before they can enter schools. The science of vaccines has existed for hundreds of years; it was accepted by Indian, Chinese and Egyptian physicians long before it reached western civilization. Yet we’re experiencing a rejection of science by many Trump supporters, which is perhaps why they are standing strong (if not protected against COVID-19) and not getting vaccinated.

In my mind, the world can be divided into two groups: the intelligent, who took the vaccine when it was made available, and the stupid, who for a variety of ignorant reasons did not get vaccinated.

The stupid are now ending up in ICUs and dying. Under Darwin’s theory of natural selection, the stupid will not get a pass and the human race will be a stronger species in the long run, because only intelligent people will survive. So for those who have not been vaccinated, you need to select whether you intend to be the intelligent group or the stupid group. If you elect to be stupid and get sick and die, then you made your decision and you need to accept the consequences. Hopefully, you will not infect any co-workers, health care workers, family members, children too young to be vaccinated or even others in the general public.

The problem with the stupid is they don’t wear masks and ignorantly infect good people and take up community resources like hospital beds, medicine and funeral plots. They are also petri dishes for mutation of new, stronger strains of the virus that may be able to penetrate antibodies created by currently available vaccines.

Ultimately, because so many people are stupid, I would like the government to take the drastic measure of mandating that everyone be vaccinated, and if a person is not vaccinated then they should not be allowed to go to grocery store, gas stations, schools or workplaces. In other words, stupid people need to stay locked away in their homes, so children and other vulnerable people, who can’t be vaccinated, are not adversely impacted. So for those of you who are not vaccinated, my final words are: Stop being stupid.

Reginald J. Clyne is a Miami trial lawyer who has practiced in some of the largest law firms in the United States. Clyne has been in practice since 1987 and tries cases in both state and federal court. He has lived in Africa, Brazil, Honduras and Nicaragua.

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