City of Jacksonville Finalizing How To Apply For $1,000 Stimulus Payments

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Each Jacksonville household that earns under $75,000 and can show they’ve taken a 25% income loss due to coronavirus can soon apply to get $1,000 in stimulus money under a plan unanimously approved Monday afternoon by Jacksonville City Council on Monday.

Using money from a $159 million federal grant, the city will make payment cards available to 40,000 households in Duval County that qualify.

The city will soon accept appointments for people who go online on the city’s website or by telephone. The city didn’t promise exactly when but did outline how the process will work.

Applicants will need identification, documentation like a pay stub showing you were employed on Feb. 29 and know your Social Security number to be assigned an appointment, then must go in person to either the Main Library at 303 N. Laura Street or the Ed Ball Building at 214 N. Hogan St.

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At the library, people will come in by the back entrance — each person keeping a safe distance. From there you will go to the auditorium. Seats will be marked and again social distancing will be required. Each person will be called for their appointment and go back out to the hallway to wait in marked spots. Eventually, they will end up at an intake room in this room to be asked to show the documentation that you were employed and explain the 25% loss in income.

No proof of that will be needed, but the information will be verified. People will leave that area and wait in another area until called into another room where they will be issued a payment card worth $1,000.

That money can then be spent on essentials.

“These funds will go a long way toward helping citizens meet their obligations, provide a needed boost to our economy, keep people working, and putting us on a path to recovery,” City Council Vice President Tommy Hazouri said.

Only one person per household is eligible for this payment and it’s on an honor system. But like federal taxes, the city can come back and check to make sure the person was telling the truth. Since its federal money, federal laws will apply.

City Council President Scott Wilson joined “The Morning Show” on Tuesday and said he expects the website to be up and running soon.

“The goal is to start cutting checks — and what we’re going to do is give debit cards or credit cards, gift card type things — within the next seven days,” Wilson said. “Our goal is for people to apply through the website, schedule and appointment and show up and arrive at one of the two locations at your appointment time. That will reduce the number of people standing in line and waiting around. If they cannot apply online, they do not have access to internet, 630-CITY will be there to assist.”

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