Candlelight Vigil Teachers Youth MLK History, Facts and Conspiracy Theories on Anniversary of his Death

Abyssinia Missionary Baptist Church and the MLK Foundation hosted the annual Martin Luther King Memorial Service observing the 49th anniversary of his death in Memphis, TN. The program began with collaborate singing of the African American national anthem, Lift Every Voice and Sing. The church was overflowing with parents and children attentively listening to the programs directive that focused on poverty, which was an issue that King focused on the years just before his death.

The candlelight vigil was an opportunity to include the youth in the memorial service as a foundation survey revealed many students are only familiar with Dr. King’s, “I Have a Dream” speech. Headlining the candlelight vigil memorial was the film, “Who killed Martin Luther King,”. This film includes archival footage and interviews with convicted killer James Earl Ray, Martin Luther King III and former police officers, and looks back at Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination in 1968 and lingering conspiracy theories.

After the movie showcase, attendee’s enjoyed a networking reception with church and MLK foundation members. Children were presented with a copy of National Geographic Kids magazine highlighting MLK’ childhood, his Nobel Peace prize, his fiery sermons and his fight for justice and civil rights. Standing in front of the MLK portrait pictured with their readers l-r (front row): Timaya Bryant, Zachariah Roman, Shamiria Mitchell, Zoe Joazil, Zari Chance, Malinzie Calhoun, Malaya Calhoun, Maurice Lewis and Michael McClendon. Standing is Malisa Calhoun and Chris Clark.

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