Candidates in Full Force in Jacksonville Campaign Season

Last week at a scheduled candidate forum, organized by 15 year old Winston Seabrook and associates Traci Davis and Glo Emith, voter education was at the forefront. The non-partisan group hosted a State of Florida District 14 candidates symposium at the northside’s Bradham Brooks Library.

All district candidates were invited to a town hall style forum to discuss the challenges that plague the residents that live in the district.

“My plan is to allow the candidates to discuss issues from reducing the crime rate, healthcare to plans for neighborhood revitalization in the future.  I know the candidates will not have all the answers, but this setting serves as education for the residents with respect to voting for the candidate that share the best views and interest for the district,” said Seabrooks.

The Lakeshire International Baccaluerett students primary goal is to improve the overall educational and neighborhood cultural disparities that exists in District 14. District 14 is currently under the leadership of State Representative Mia Jones, whose term ends November 14. Several District 14 candidates agreed to participate in the forum including  Leslie John-Bart, Christian Whitfield, Gracie Bell-McCastler and Donald George Gaffney. Seabrooks commented, “This is an important voting year and I felt that everyone had a right to know and I simply felt it was my job to assist. My inspiration is built on the fact that many of my family members have lived in District 14 for many years, this district is close to my heart, there’s poverty, disparity, dilapidated housing, and more in District 14, we do get noticed, but nothing gets done, and we need to put in position a representative that will finish up the much needed work”.

The youngster plans to follow-up with another forum featuring School Board candidates.

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