Brothers Breaking Bread Using Fellowship as a Catalyst for Change

Brothers Breaking Bread (BBB), billing itself as “a unique conglomerate of culturally conscious and concerned African American men who reside within the greater Jacksonville area,” meets monthly to engage in meaningful discussions that include everything from family and faith, to politics and wellness. The brainchild of local executive Tillis Devaughn, he hopes to see it transform to a catalyst of impact

“At the very least, you have brothers sharing their pain and passion about the community,” said DeVaughn.

Shown are BBB meeting to strategize and organize

The goals and next steps for the conglomerate are to identify community needs and become a renaissance movement to reinvigorate and reunite Blacks in position of leadership to appreciate the history and value of our communities and culture. Members of the triple B’s consist of politicians, businessmen, educators, bankers, military and entrepreneurs whom consider it their mantra to lead by example.

Wanting to be a voice for the voiceless, the group is constructing a table of their own to create a political action committee.  Their shared goal is to create legacy, standards of excellence and an impactful movement of change in the communities they grew up in.

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