Black Men Drifted Towards Trump in Record Numbers

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By Victor Omondi -Based on the poll of early and Election Day voters, support for the Democratic candidate reached a new low among Black men this year. At least 80% of Black voters supported Joe Biden, a figure slightly lower than Hillary Clinton’s 82% in 2016. However, it’s significantly down from Barack Obama’s level of support among Black men in 2012 and 2008.

During Obama’s first campaign, nearly 95% Black men and 96% Black women voted for him. Four years down the line, the support from women of color remained at 96% for Obama’s reelection whereas the figure for Black men slid to 87%.

In 2016, when Hillary Clinton was the Presidential nominee, the figure for Black men dropped further to 82% while Black women’s support for the presidential candidate remained high at 94%. And this year, Joe Biden came close to matching this, gaining the support of 91% Black women.

Generally, it appears that Biden’s support is slipping among Black women as well. Nevertheless, the Democratic presidential candidate still enjoyed the support of more than 9 out of every 10 Black female voters.

There are specific groups of Black men who’ve significantly contributed to the shift toward the Republican candidate among Black men. More than half of Black men who’ve identified as ideologically conservative cast their votes in favor of the President, and out of every three Black men living in the Midwest one voted for him.

Moreover, there was an unusual connection between education and how Black men voted this year. Statistics show that at least 26% of Black men with a high school diploma or less voted for Donald Trump. About 22% of Black men with a bachelor’s degree and 20% of Black voters with an advanced degree also voted for him. However, those with some college education overwhelmingly voted for Biden.

The shifts are a result of a busy campaign push by both candidates to capture the attention of Black voters.

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