Bittersweet Memories of Last Spring – By Ardain Isma – Now Available

Bittersweet Memories of Last Spring is an impressive novel of faith, love, and identity—the first installment of a sequel penned by critically-acclaimed author Ardain Isma.

Synopsis: In 1980, 17-year-old Yrvin Lacroix is in a sailboat from Haiti bound for Miami, Florida in search of a better life. He leaves behind his beloved mother, his siblings, and Régine—his childhood sweetheart to whom he has made a promise to return.

In Miami, despite his precarious situation as a refugee, Yrvin joins Haitian exiles in the fight against the Duvalier dictatorship in Haiti as well as the struggle for refugee rights. He believes a win against the odds will help him shape the course of his life.

As time passes, Yrvin’s love and passion for Régine begins to fade. Attending school is his main objective. On a rainy December day, he meets Michaela, a mixed-race girl of Dominican origin and fellow student at his school. They fall in love. But that love suffers a major setback when Yrvin learns of Régine’s presence in Miami. Yrvin must now face a scorned Régine while staying focused in school and preserving his relationship with Michaela. Will he succeed?

Author Bio  –  Ardain Isma is a career educator, university professor and a scholar. He is an essayist and editorial board member of several universities’ publications, including the NSU (Nova Southeastern University) TESOL journal. He is the Chief-Editor of CSMS Magazine, a magazine which represents the principal medium for the Center for Strategic and Multicultural Studies (CSMS), a professional organization made up of academics whose aim is to promote Cross-Cultural Awareness. Ardain Isma has written extensively on three main issues: writers’ tools for success, social justice, and multiculturalism. He is also the author of Midnight at Noon, a contemporary novel that describes not only the current state of modern day Haiti, but also provides in-depth elements for readers to understand Haiti and its glorious past. Ardain Isma currently lives and works in suburban Jacksonville.

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