As State Bans Books with Diversity Kipp Introduces Black Child Book Fair

Kipp Voice Academy recently welcomed the Black Child Book Fair Tour to promote African-American focused reading materials in urban communities across the nation. The event featured a diverse array of both local and national authors, contributing to the celebration of literature that highlights black characters and culture. The goal is to enrich the educational, emotional, developmental, and social needs of youth with diverse backgrounds. Attendees had the opportunity to engage with literary influencers and showcased the talents of local authors Gail Carter-Cade and Silvana Spence. Since its debut, the fair has appeared in over 15 cities.

Florida school districts removed roughly 300 books last school year.  The removed titles include dozens of books with LGBTQ topics or characters and several winners of prestigious book awards, including the Pulitzer Prize.  Almost half of the banned titles dealt with violence, abuse or sexual assault. A third included characters of color and racial themes. Another third represented LGBTQ+ identities.

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