Slutty Vegan CEO Touts Consistency as The Key to Wealth and Health

Pinky Cole, Slutty Vegan (Photo provided by Slutty Vegan)

By Patriceia Beckford | Rolling out spoke with Cole about the key to wealth, health and branding. – Slutty Vegan CEO Pinky Cole has made a name for herself with her popular plant-based burger restaurants. Cole shared her wisdom and personal experience about entrepreneurship and health at RIDE Con 2020.

“Consistency. I live by the motto ‘when you stay ready you ain’t never got to get ready.’ That’s in all things. It’s in the way that you think. It’s in the way that you handle your money. It’s in the things that you eat. It’s in your business. One thing I have learned is be consistent in everything that I do. It’s all about consistency. I am consistently vegan. I consistently save my money. I consistently reinvest my money back into my business. I consistently focus on my brand and ways to elevate my brand. As long as you’re consistent in all those things, I think the marry everything together. It’s not impossible you just have to keep doing the same thing over and over again until you get better.You continue to stay focused and continue to have your foot on whatever neck you’re trying to step on. It will benefit you in every area of your life. That’s personally, professionally, everything you want as long as you’re consistent.”

“When I first started Slutty Vegan, I just wanted to create a safe haven for people for people who have never heard of veganism, people who were ignorant to it, or who would never try veganism. I wanted to be that place. That is why I up played the experience. If I can tune you into the name and experience, I got your attention. When I get your attention, I can put the teaching in the experience and you may come back to get more vegan food.”

Maintaining wealth

“I always think what can I do to make my money make money for me while I’m sleeping times two? The good thing is the restaurant money is good, but I can’t stop there. I started looking into real estate. When you go to my location, I own those locations. Because it’s important for me to know I can invest my money into buying the building and pay[ing] the mortgage off for the building. Now I have my money in the ground, so it raises the valuation of my business. So if and when I ever decide to do anything with my  business, like exiting my business, I own that real estate. Another aspect is having a portfolio and a financial adviser. Thirdly, is making sure I have good credit. Credit is better than any cash. Also learning more information and educating myself because they don’t teach us this in school. One other thing I do is finding small businesses I can invest in that are already up and running.”

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