Womens Mach Continues to Locally Enlighten and Inspire

Several hundred women and supporters gathered at Hemming Plaza in downtown Jacksonville to support the city’s recent “Women’s March and Rally.”

The event, marked the two-year anniversary of the historic original protest held in Washington DC during President Trump’s inauguration.  March organizers say that the original rally was the largest political protest in recent U.S. history.

The rally was followed by a march from Hemming Plaza to the Duval County Supervisor of Elections Office. Event speakers included State Senator Audrey Gibson, State Rep Tracie Davis, Attorney Andrea Reyes and author and advocate Lashonda “LJ” Holloway. The rally was geared towards celebrating the powerful voices of women in leadership.

Rally organizers said that due to the unprecedented surge in the number of women running for office, the gathering recognized female candidates who previously ran and those who are currently running.  The march also focused on key issues facing women such as violence, reproductive rights, voter rights restoration, immigration, gun violence and social and economic justice.

“The unprecedented number of victories by diverse women across the country was inspirational and we want to capitalize on this momentum, keep the energy going and carry it into our local elections in March,” said one march organizer.

Supporters of the march say that the ongoing legacy of the Women’s March is a true testament to the power of diverse women and their strength.

“The annual march is an important and powerful day of action and is an opportunity for all like-minded individuals to rally and march to show solidarity with women and all other marginalized groups,” said attendee Janet Jenkins.

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