Wayman Brings Black History to Hilltop Community

Shown is the head wrapping demonstration by Alexis Lior and Aquenia Lee Dubose.

Dr. Mark L. Griffin and the Wayman Community Development Corporation teamed with Florida State District 14 Representative Angie Nixon for a Black History Month Celebration on the grounds of the Hilltop Village Apartments on West 45th Street in Northwest Jacksonville.

The residents enjoyed free food, music, games, activities and giveaways. In addition, free COVID-19 testing was on the agenda for participants that sought either their first inoculation or booster shot.  Residents were also privy to head wrapping demonstration, entrepreneur workshops and food truck sweets and treats.

For the past year, Hilltop has been in the news for receiving more than 350 citations that cite rampant rodent, roach infestations in hundreds of apartments. The affordable housing community also offers programs for residents including a library, basketball court, community room, career and educational classes and a visiting mobile healthcare clinic. “Rep. Nixon and I both will be  doing more events for the Hilltop community and work with them on their issues with their living conditions,” said Dr. Griffin.

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