‘Black Mama’s Bail Out’ Reunites Families for Mother’s Day Impacted by Ron DeSantis Anti-Protest Bill

‘Black Mama’s Bail Out’ Reunites Families for Mother’s Day Impacted by Ron DeSantis Anti-Protest Bill

In several cities across Florida, mamas and caregivers will be bailed out who were directly impacted by the passage of HB 1

Miami, FL — As criminal justice reform gains momentum in the United States, and practices including cash bail are being challenged, Dignity Power, a coalition of partners from across the state of Florida that believe in dignity for women and girls who are incarcerated in prisons and detention facilities, helped free incarcerated Black mothers and caregivers who were impacted by the passage of HB 1 for Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 9th in Duval, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties.

The collective believes the right to join with fellow citizens in protest or peaceful assembly is critical to a functioning democracy. But it is also unfortunately true that governments and police have violated this right— by using mass arrests, illegal force, the criminalization of protest, and other means intended to thwart the right to free public expression, assembly, and association. So, the organizations will be bailing women out to ensure they’re able to lead lives of dignity.

“The criminal justice system disproportionately affects Black women and caregivers and many of those women can’t afford to make bail. HB 1 is a direct attack on Black lives, and we won’t allow mothers and caregivers to languish and suffer due to our Governors negligence,” said Fed Fam 4 Life Co-Executive Director and Dignity Power Campaign Manager Tray Johns. “We bailed out Black mamas because they are caregivers, nurturers, and the backbone of our families. They deserve to be praised, loved, and uplifted — not locked in cages.”

Not only did the coalition be bailing women out of jail, but they also provided health services, housing, groceries and other holistic support services to all those who are free to help them endure the outbreak. The bailouts are scheduled to continue for three weeks to help reunite more families.

The effort is part of an annual nationwide campaign led by the National Bail Out collective, which aims to draw attention to issues of incarceration and cash bail. Black Mama’s Bail Out is an annual event that was launched in 2017 to bring attention to the more than 540,000 Americans who are locked up every day without being convicted of a crime, according to a recent Prison Policy report.

Contact: Destanie Morman, destanie@floridarising.org, (904) 624-2995

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