Two Black Women Entrepreneurs Launch a Plant Subscription Service to Promote Self-Care

Grounded (Image: Mignon Hemsley / Grounded)

– Mignon Hemsley, digital marketer and Danuelle Doswell, graphic designer and freelance creative, are the co-creators of the virtual plant shop and subscription service, Grounded. And they are on a mission to spread joy through their newly launched business.


They told BOTWC, “Being great friends we bonded through being plant and garden moms. We wanted to take our bond to the next level and help others, which is an innate trait of both of ours. Our business idea naturally came to fruition from our passion and love for plants.”

Grounded (Image: Mignon Hemsley / Grounded)

At a time where non-essential businesses are closed and people are in need of healthful ways to decompress, Hemsley and Doswell thought Grounded could add unique value to the market and people’s lives as they are sheltered in place. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“With all of the technological advances and worldly transitions, in order to stay grounded mentally, it’s important for us to take a step back and disconnect from our days. Through the appreciation, dedication and care of plants in our spaces this is attainable. We want to educate the black community and beyond, of the tremendous benefits of plants, not only physically but especially mentally in your spaces,” they told the publication.

Grounded sources their plants from nurseries around the DMV and New York City. Their plants range between $50-$100 and are customizable. The company also offers non-subscription options featuring three indoor plants ranging between $15 or $20 each.]

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