Trauma Survivors Come Together to Heal

Shown is Reese Edwards, Director of Pastoral Care and Dr. Benetta Wholuba, Trauma Psychologist.

HCA Florida Orange Park Hospital held their annual tribute to trauma survivors. Patients, nurses, doctors, community leaders, family members and other care givers got to hear first-hand how the medical experts helped each survivor build their life back after unexpected events.  And their stories are nothing short of a miracle. David Krivit, a lifelong motorcycle rider, was hit by a car in a four-way intersection in town. With a Sheriff’s deputy nearby who really knew his job, “I was in the air in under three minutes,” said Krivit. “I landed at HCA Florida Orange Park Hospital because of their trauma center. It took three days to close me, 12 surgeries, countless screws, pins and rods, something called an external fixator and 6 weeks before I woke up.”  Many trauma survivors have extended stays in the hospital and then have to follow up with physical rehabilitation of various kinds once they get out. “As a trauma program, we are aware of the emotional wounds inflicted by both traumatic injury and some treatments. Increasing attention has been rightfully placed on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and the many ways we can get stuck after experiencing trauma,” said Dr. Benetta Wholuba, Trauma Psychologist with the trauma program at HCA Florida Orange Park Hospital.

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