Too Soft on Terrorism

Harry Alford

By Harry C. Alford
Terrorism continues to grow in all corners of the world. What in the world are we, the United States, waiting on? During this election year we need to find out the candidate who is truly sincere about eradicating the people who have declared war on us. Our current leadership appears to have no “stomach” for prosecuting a war. Thus, we will continue to be at war. Bullies thrive on the weak and cowardly.

Our military is underfunded. Our troops deserve higher pay and better leadership. Our immigration system is a disgrace. Terrorists are entering our great nation at a great pace and our federal government is not reacting accordingly. A responsible immigration policy is what we need immediately. It is paramount that we upgrade our defense forces and prepare them for the war which is about to come. ISIS has declared war on us and our allies. Doesn’t that mean something? My brothers and sisters we are watching massacres after massacres around the globe and for some reason our leadership is in denial. We are at war. There is no doubt, so why all of this denial?

Our intelligence gathering system has been weakened. Our FBI, CIA and other entities are less than motivated. They are our first line of defense. We must give the highest priority in funding, training and again, LEADERSHIP. I have never seen America in such a weak position. As long as we remain weak our security is at great risk. The time has come to address Islamic Terrorism. We cannot safely live with such a threat. There is just no other way to deal with this. ISIS and other terror organizations must be wiped off the face of the earth.

The above is the first thing we do. Quickly after the defeat of ISIS we must restore the strength of our military. China and Russia do not like us. That is OK but they must respect us. The only way they will respect us is to have a stronger military than they do. Our Air Force is currently moth balling some of our planes. The Navy is doing the same with some of our ships. It is starting to remind me of our terrible military status during the 1930’s. That led us to World War II. The same thing is about to happen. It terrifies me to think about it.

Let’s start to build up our troop strength and have the best equipped forces in the history of our great nation. Perhaps a military draft should be considered. We need more troops by the hundreds of thousands. Being drafted turned my life for the better.

At the same time we need to look within our own neighborhoods. If something seems odd or mysterious we must report it. The last few acts of terrorism within our nation were probably preventable. Let’s forget about “political correctness.” Treat suspicious things as a threat to our loved ones and the nation. Report it! San Bernadino, Orlando, Boston and other massacres could have been prevented if people would have only picked up the phone and reported the suspicious activity. A little paranoia is better than benign neglect.

It just boggles my mind that we know who the enemy is and where they stay. But yet we just go along in a protracted war of attrition using drones and afraid of combat. Let’s go annihilate them! They are slipping into our nation and killing us at will. We just witnessed the greatest mass shooting in the history of our nation. All we seem to be doing is just shaking our heads in sadness. Why do we wait? Obviously, it is going to take a new president and an upgrading of the talent we have in our Congress. This is going to be the most important national election in the history of the Free World. Do we “sink” or do we “swim”?

As the song goes, “We are so down, we have to look up to see our feet.” I certainly don’t like war. But fearing war is the quickest way to have it come upon us. So it is now here and we go into denial. The war will increase until we make a stand. Whenever we see hostile activity we must stop it in its tracks. Our children and their children are not going to “make it” if we continue to ignore the danger that is around us. In the name of God let’s change our ways and return to a state of strength.

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