Through Our Eyes Showcases Black History and Talent at Annual Exhibit

Artist Tori Jackson with her son Kelly Jackson

by Lynn Jones
The Ritz Museum, Through Our Eyes 2016: Sensory Perception, an exhibit by African-American artists, has been presented continuously since 1993, The creative muse of museum curator Lydia Stewart, the exhibit is comprised of local artists.

According to Stewart, “After more than twenty years, this exhibit has become part of the city’s diverse cultural tapestry. It’s been a rewarding journey, providing not only a platform to showcase incredible art, but to validate African-American artists, launch careers, inspire youth and enrich the community…and visitors from around the world.”

This year’s opening exhibit was held last week with over 200 art enthusiast in attendance. Local artist showcased their artwork, which included open dialogue and patrons viewing various art mediums.
Melody Jackson, one of the 17 featured artists, continues to press forward her abstract style despite many obstacles.  Melody was diagnosed with “Acoustic neuroma” an uncommon, noncancerous (benign) and usually slow-growing tumor that develops on the main nerve leading from your inner ear to your brain. Because branches of this nerve directly influences your balance and hearing, pressure from the acoustic neuroma has caused hearing loss, and ringing in ears and unsteadiness.

After the diagnosis. Melody was in physical therapy and began her career in canvassing art which soon caught the eye of her family and friends. Eventually Tori entered Stage Auroras Art festival and has been painting non-stop in creating abstract art showcases.

For more on The Ritz Museum, Through Our Eyes 2016: Sensory Perception, visit exhibit runs through August 14, 2016.

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