The Gantt Report

By Lucius Gantt – Both major political parties and their members who are elected officials use “talking points”.

      Political talking points are pre-established messages that remain constant regardless of which political party member shares his message with the media and the voters.

      For example, if convicted felon Donald Trump says, “witch hunt”, “rigged election”, or “weaponized judicial system”, nearly every Republican in the United States will repeat him, parrot him, or rubber stamp the messages Trump wants to be heard.

        Don’t get it twisted, the other major political party sometimes misdirects, misleads, and leads voters astray too.

         All people want politicians in America, in Africa, in the Caribbean, and in other nations around the world to do is tell the truth.

         When people know the truth, they can deal with issues, problems, and situations one way or another.

          The idea that freedom fighters are terrorists, activists are radicals, and

 Revolutionaries are troublemakers, depends on the person who is being described or evaluated.

           Why does it seem like the political leaders that we voted on to represent us feel it is necessary to serve individuals with devilish intentions than to serve the people, the constituents, the supporters, and the residents of political districts?

           The answer is clear, whoever has control of the political “bag” has control over, the so-called, political puppets.

           When I worked at international news agencies, television and radio news networks, and on local and statewide media staffs, I tried to cover both sides of every news story.

           Readers, listeners, and viewers didn’t have to take my word about what was happening in the world, at the game, in Congress, or in the legislature.

            By hearing a variety of messages and explanations, the people could decide which reports were true, to them, and which were false.

            Every election year, candidates tell voters what they will do if they are elected. They will create jobs, build affordable housing, improve health care, cut inflation, curtail foreign wars and conflicts, and maintain Democracy and the rule of law, for instance.

             But no candidate can do what they propose all by themselves. Presidents can’t do much more than sign bills into law. They can’t write bills to be authored and considered, they can’t vote on legislation, and they certainly can’t finance legislative bills or appropriate government money other than Presidential budgets.

            However, Presidents and all other elected officials can serve the people who elected them into office. They all can hold town halls or community meetings to discuss political proposals and they can all set times and places where they can be accessible to interact with the people that voted for them.

            Talking points can be put to good use if the “point” is good. Lies, falsehoods, misdirection, and flip-flopping help no one.

            Recognize it when the politicians you love are resorting to talking points, talking in circles, and talking loudly and saying nothing!

            Tell the people the truth.

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