The 100 Black Men of Atlanta Announce New Executive Director

Louis Enrique Negrón, Sr (Photo: Courtesy of 100 Black Men of Atlanta, Inc.)

“Our next chapter shines bright with Louis Negrón at our helm,” said Kevin Gooch, chairman of the 100 Black Men of Atlanta. “Mr. Negrón’s unique combination of non-profit leadership, community commitment and wellness make him the right person for the role. He’ll help lead the 100 out of this pandemic and on to new heights.”

Negrón brings more than 20 years of non-profit fundraising experience to the role.

Hailing from Oakland, California, Negrón has worked with numerous prestigious nonprofit organizations including the Children’s Defense Fund (Washington, D.C.), United Way of Metro Atlanta, Supportive Housing Communities (Charlotte, NC), and more.

(Photo: Courtesy of 100 Black Men of Atlanta, Inc.)

Louis has roots in Atlanta, as a “Morehouse man” with a degree in Spanish. He also earned a master’s degree from Central Michigan University in Administration and finalizing a Master’s in Christian Ministry at Mercer University.

“This is important and heartfelt work. I feel called to it,” Negrón said. Fundraising and building relationships are what Negrón describes as his “superpowers.”

His plans include using these talents to fulfill the 100’s vision of becoming the strongest, most self-reliant African-American volunteer organization in Atlanta with a focus on education, enrichment, and empowerment.

Negrón’s mission is to increase educational and economic opportunities for Metro Atlanta youth. As an organization composed of men of color, the ultimate goal is supporting families and youth. Louis looks forward to leading the 100’s commitment to community stewardship and enriching Atlanta communities.

“We have a responsibility as community leaders. We take that responsibility seriously and see it as an opportunity to shape and mold Atlanta’s future leaders. The 100 will work tirelessly to preserve this mission and keep servant leadership at the forefront of our work,” Negrón said.”

Notably, Negrón is also Afro-Puerto Rican. His plans include bridging the 100’s efforts with that of the Metro Atlanta Latino community.

“I hope to help the 100 join forces with our Latino community and create a Black and Brown community coalition,” said Negrón. “These robust relationships will end up benefiting even more children and families in Metro Atlanta,”

Chairman Gooch is excited about Negrón’s incoming leadership. Gooch said, “I look forward to working with him to strengthen the wonderful programs already in place while leveraging his experience and innovative thinking to find new ways to uplift our community.”

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