Take Your HR Skills To the Next Level With These Three Tips

 rosalie PayneMiami, Florida – As Carnival Cruise Line’s Senior Director of Human Resource and Compliance, Dr. Rosalie Payne specializes in policy development, change management and the implementation of employee engagement programs. Her 31-year history in human resources helps foster her ability to identify, develop, manage and analyze processes and measure performance.  Dr. Payne has won numerous awards for her work in human resources and sat on many panels to advise individuals in the fields of human resources and compliance.

When it comes to managing and motivating your workforce, Dr. Payne offers these key tips.

  1. Build the Right Team. When hiring, it is important to determine what goals you want to achieve, then source the appropriate talent for those goals. Having the right players and experts in place allows you to achieve your overall goals and objectives effectively.
  2. Become Familiar with Your Team. As a human resource manager, it is your role to get to know your employees. Knowing them and spending one on one time with them will help you identify their developmental needs as well as their strengths. It also shows that you are approachable when there is conflict, they are comfortable coming to you for a solution.
  3. Be the Solution. When conflict arises, as it will in the workplace, act fast and diligently to identify solutions.   Create an atmosphere where employees come together to express concerns and feelings, then find common ground to an agreement.

Being able to effectively manage your workforce starts with a human resource manager that is an open vessel to employees.  Follow these few tips to help build and sustain a winning team.

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