Summerville Burns Mortgage, Motivated for Greater Expansion

Church members, family and friends of Summerville Baptist Church joined together to witness the burning of the 15 year church mortgage that was contentedly paid off in 9 years, 8 months and one day.

The mortgage burning goal inspired church members to rally in a special effort to initiate the finalization of paying off the mortgage in a judicious manner.   Keynote speaker pastor Herb Anderson of Emanuel Missionary Baptist Church and former State Representative Reggie Fullwood paid tribute to Pastor Henry and the churches tenacity to connect with members, church neighbors, sponsors and city officials to complete the project.

Summerville’s long term goals include securing additional property in order to continue establishing a vibrant and prospering community bordering the church and the surrounding eastside corridor. Other options include the ability to assist church members having personal difficulties, neighborhood services, festivals and a weekend bazaar.

Short term items include maintenance and building repairs.

Summerville Baptist Church was built in 1900 and is 117 years old . They describe services as both traditional and contemporary. I has been under the leadership of  Pastor John Henry since 1992.

“God’s spiritual vision has seen us saving souls and the building of a new Worship Center and renovation of the old sanctuary building into a new Fellowship Hall.  Under God’s leadership, Summerville has become a living testimony, an open declaration of the power of faithful prayer is evidenced by our physical and spiritual growth,” said Pastor Henry.  Shown happily clapping after burning the mortgage are members Joyce Hunter, Pastor James Henry, Eula Canty and Lady Patricia Henry.



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