Summer Campers Learn Careers at an Early Age

Shown touring the WJXT studios is Tristan's Pearls, staff and friends.

Tristan’s Positive Engagement Accelerates Relevant Leadership Skills (PEARLS) of Wisdom and the Jacksonville Library Summer Camp participants toured the Studios at WJXT Channel 4 during production and ended the noon day segment with news anchor Bruce Hamilton. Prior to airing, students were allowed to sit at the anchor’s desk, read from the teleprompter, and try out the green screen technology powering news weather reports.

The tour was guided by station executive Tracey Gaffney. Eager students asked what relative experience is needed to work at the studio?  Gaffney replied “Journalism, communications, reading and writing are essential to television production”. She continued, “There are a lot of moving parts in the media industry.  From web-site updates to verifying content, and new innovation has made media a much, more diverse industry”.

The two organizations collaborating to offer a curriculum at the Library, including a STEAM inspired initiative at Brown’s Eastside Library and Dallas-Graham Library.  The goal is to build capacity in non-school day enrichment opportunities and reduce learning lapse for students who attend Title I schools for the upcoming school year.

Shown touring the WJXT studios is Tristan's Pearls, staff and friends.
Shown touring the WJXT studios is Tristan’s Pearls, staff and friends.




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