Star Power: Tabitha Brown Speaks on Health, Wealth and Vegan Lifestyles

Alicia Whitehurst, Author Tabitha Brown, Shara Mondy and Shawn Baker
Carla Jones with Tabitha Brown
Nicole Hamm interviewing Tabitha Brown

Being a social media influencer is a full time job. Garnering likes on a daily basis, influencing your audience to purchase products, visit online stores or providing motivational antidotes on social media platforms are part of the duties. Sharing her influencer journey, talk show host, fashion designer and New York Times bestselling author Tabitha Brown spoke at the Florida Theater discussing her life and media ventures to local fans who are among millions internationally. The “Cooking from the Spirit Tour,” was presented in front of a sold out audience. Attendees were treated to a meet and greet to personally dialogue with Tabitha, autographs and photo-ops.

Fans Mary Mickel, Jari Trapp and Marla Trapp with Tabitha Brown

During the panel discussion, Tabitha recounted how she had been battling depression, chronic head and neck pain, and anxiety prior to making the switch to become vegan. Viewing the documentary ‘What the Health’ set her on a 30-day vegan challenge, and she never looked back. Tabitha also stressed the need to start children off early consuming vegetables and growing gardens. “Tabitha has such a sweet spirit and she made every attendee feel the same love she has for others,”  said attendee Shara Mondy.

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