Stanton Vocational All Class Reunion Sparks Donations and Fellowship

Stanton Vocational All Class Reunion Sparks Donations and Fellowship  – By Rhonda Silver – The 9th Annual Stanton New Stanton-Stanton Vocational Gala was held this past weekend at the Lexington Hotel and Conference Center. Friday Night the meet and greet was spirited with loads of smiles and hugs. As classmates united with chatter it made it hard to hear the oldies played by the DJ, but that’s what catching up does! Saturday night was more somber as they honored their dead and recognized the collective effort of those on the committee and made an appeal for the restoration of Historic Stanton (located at Broad and Ashley). Mrs. Pricilla Williams and Dr. Charles B. McIntosh gave a brief overview of their two year goal and hearts were moved to give. This year’s theme focused on Psalms 133:1 which states: “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren/sisters to dwell together in unity!”

The Gala was not designed to replace individual class reunions, but rather to afford classes an option. What the annual reunion has observed is that the Gala has filled a void for many classes who either don’t have active class participation, leadership, planning expertise and resources.   The Gala committee is able to bring every class together annually, as classes, with other schoolmates, to witness the blessings and rekindle friendships. The reunion is also the location where an appeal for alumni to support efforts to meet a One Million Dollar alumni goal to donate to Historic Stanton’s revitalization and rebuilding efforts. Gala Chairman Kenneth Reddick remarked, “Each year has been a celebration of love, friendship and appreciation, I am grateful for the trust and confidence placed in me and the Gala Committee. We look forward to next year.” Pictured l-r accepting a check from Annual Stanton New Stanton-Stanton Vocational Gala alumni Pricilla Williams, Dr. C.B. McIntosh and Kenneth Reddick. Rsilver photo

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