Spiritual Detox on the River Highlights Self Care Renewal Experience

Shown are organizers inside Stockton Park (L-R) Stacey Smith and Erika Harp.

Crafting a healing and tranquil environment while soaking up some vitamin D, Sweet Naturals Holistic lifestyle brand and Girl Power 1440 nonprofit partnered for a day in Stockton Park for a day of spiritual detoxification.

The outing included meditation, self-reflection, coloring, frolicking and beading. The goal was to invite women to take time to relax, leisure and understand their chakras, which refers to energy points in your body that should stay “open” and aligned, as they affect our emotional and physical well-being.

“In today’s environment people are moving so fast, especially the do it all woman. We forget to take care of our bodies, mentally and spiritually,” said organizer Stacey Smith.

Women were invited to sit and unwind, retrieve a coloring book and craft rose and amethyst beaded jewelry, with a back drop of the picturesque St. Johns River.  Organizer and partner Erika Harp, founder of Girl Power 1440; a nonprofit that teaches etiquette, knowledge of self esteem and respect for young black girls, ages 7 – 17, frolicked in the grass with the young ladies and dialogued on school success, ignoring bullies, career goals and having a sense of calm when in the classroom.

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