Sisterhood Summit Releases Harbored Traumas of The Past

Shown (L-R) are panelists Ashley Smith, Patricia Gillum Sams, author and host Gabrielle Williams, Kelli Donald and Tia Coleman.

The Jessie Ball DuPont Center was abuzz with anticipation and camaraderie for the Miss Gabbea (Gabrielle Williams) Book Signing and Sisterhood Summit. The event, sponsored by the Authors Roundtable of Florida, drew a diverse crowd eager to connect over shared experiences and the common desire for healing and empowerment. Hailed as a beacon for empowerment and healing, adding to the events impact was the presence of organizations like SISTUHS, Inc. and Agape Family Health Clinic, who were instrumental in extending the reach of community support and holistic wellness to all attendees.  Miss Gabbea is the author of “Bonds Beyond Scars: Unveiling the Tapestry of Sisterhood, Friendship, Trauma, and Healing,” led the evening with grace and insight, sharing her personal journey of overcoming both childhood and adult bullying. Her message resonated with attendees and emphasized the importance of healing as a collective journey.   As the evening unfolded, participants engaged in multi-generational conversations, highlighting the power of overcoming trauma and building supportive relationships with other women in their lives. The ConnectHER Cards played a pivotal role in sparking deep, meaningful dialogues, allowing women to share their stories in a space of trust and understanding. The summit was not only a book signing but also a testament to the strength found in sisterhood and the healing that comes from shared vulnerability.

The event concluded with a powerful call to value and nurture of one’s support network. “The belief that through sharing our stories and struggles, we find common ground, strength, and a path forward together,” Miss Gabbea told audience.

For those who missed the opportunity to attend, “Bonds Beyond Scars” remains available on Kindle and Amazon. Miss Gabbea continues to invite everyone to join the movement towards healing, with the promise that this summit was just the beginning of an ongoing, empowering dialogue in the community.


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