Senior Pageant Contestants Dispel Myths of Aging

Brenda Griffin - Ms. Senior Jacksonville

For the 11th year, the Ms. Senior Jacksonville Pageant contestants wowed over 450 audience members with their statesmanship, poise and polish. The pageant is restricted to women over the age of 60. The contestants collectively pledged “age is only a number,” while they danced in boxing regalia during the opening number to a rendition of the 80s hit Eye of the Tiger. The contestants threw punches dispelling the myths of aging and fighting through their challenges and fears in the innovative routine.

Every year, the pageant journey consists of interviewing, networking, journaling, platform development, friend making, and confidence rebuilding. This year, the contestants were encouraged to step more out of their box and created one minute self videos branding themselves and sharing their platforms on social media.

The 2019 queens have a one year reign and will serve the community working her platform. This years 60+ category Ms. Senior Jacksonville winner is Brenda Griffin; Griffin will share her financial wellness advocacy platform with seniors in Duval County. Lynette Hipsher, winner of the Ms. Senior DIVA title for those of the 50-59, will share her platform of Alzheimer’s Advocacy and Education on the First Coast.

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