Rivers Family Take Community Care and Hygiene Into their Own hands

By Lynn Jones – Brainstorming on a way to give back to the community during these Co-vid 19 precedent times, the Rivers family put their heads together and came up with the idea of hygiene products. Last weekend they set up a pop up tent on the northside’s Lem Turner Rd. near Capper Rd., to distribute bags with hygiene products for girls and boys to vehicles passing by.
The bags included combs, brushes, deodorant, toothpaste and personal products for the young ladies. Their son made a products for “free” sign and the rest was history as the family gave out more than 100 bags to the community to “Keep Duval Clean.”  Spearheading the brainstorming session was the family’s matriarch and Duval County Public Schools (DCPS) substitute teacher Catherine Rivers.  Taking time away from their family tow trucking business, her husband and three children also helped with the giveaway. The family purchased the products from their own personal monies and was proud to giveaway the products to the many students that lack back to school resources. “Our motto has always been you give you receive, and we didn’t want to be average and give out backpacks.  Distributing  theses hygiene items will not only keep Jacksonville clean, but youth can go back to school as the record says ‘so fresh and so clean’,”
The family plans to continue their altruism until school starts. Shown are members of the Rivers family Catherine, Ira Sr., and Ira Jr.

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