Republicans Perpetuate Racism, Voter Suppression & Obstruction

John Johnson II

By John Johnson II –  (Source: – Republicans, once the party of Lincoln, have slowly evolved into a syndicate. They’ve become power thirsty, money craving individuals masquerading as politicians. Also, they’ve mastered the art of feeding red meat rhetoric laced with symbolisms of racism. These tactics are used  by them to  raise millions to remain in power. Recently, Republican governor Greg Abbott of Texas tweeted his dismay towards Biden’s nonexistence red meat policy.

True to their corruptive nature, Republican perpetuate racism, voter sup-pression, and obstructions rat-her than support President Biden’s plan to “Build Back A Better America.”

Why would Republicans oppose investing 3.5 trillion dollars to build a better America for all its people? Did they not just four years ago give a trillion-dollar tax cut to America’s wealthiest billionaires? This seems to suggest that Republicans care as little for poor white folks as they do for Black people.

Senator McConnell and his fellow Republicans are united in their opposition to Biden’s plan. Yet, the biggest hurdle remains the holdouts of Democratic Senators Manchin and Sinema. But why? Manchin is beholden to the fossil fuel industry. And Sinema’s devotion is to the pharmaceutical industry, rather than to her constituents. Now you know!

Unfortunately, Republicans have learned that if they feed the racism within their base, they’ll reject any program if it’s reported that it’ll help Black people and immigrants. Remember, it nearly worked with Obama Care. Republicans attempted to kill the Affordable Care Act over seventy times even though they didn’t have a plan to replace it. Their sole objective was to destroy America’s first Black President, Barack Obama’s monumental legislative accomplishment.

Republicans have focused their attention on killing President’s Biden plan utilizing their age-old tactics- racism marinated with socialism and the debt ceiling. Recently, they’ve thrown in inflation. Before commenting on inflation, let’s examine their exploitation of racism/socialism and   the debt ceiling. Socialism is merely the tip of the spear of racism, which implies that more spending will only help underserving Black people. Strangely, the debt ceiling only becomes a problem when Democrats are in power.

It’s a fact! Never in the history of America has there ever been legislations passed to create a social program specifically for Black people. Currently, every social pro-gram in America benefits more white people than Black people. But leave it to Republicans, who have convinced their base to believe that it’s Black people who over burden the social safety net. Shamefully, they’re already using dog whistles, such as new green deal, to galvanize their base to support their obstructionist agenda.

Yes, Republicans’ scare tactics are endless and designed to blame President Biden for any and everything, even the costs of gasoline. However, the newest cynical strategy is to label the Build Back Better plan as the cause of inflation.

Republicans rely on social media, such as Fox News, to dumb down their base’s understanding of America’s mixed economy. It should be known that this mixture effectively embraces elements of socialism and capitalism. Consequently, social programs don’t constitute creating a socialist state. To think this isn’t only idiotic, it’s dangerous!

One must remember, capitalism relies on consumers spending money, even if it’s borrowed. Regrettably, Republican use this economic dilemma to demonize Democrats’ progressive agenda. Sadly, the nature of the beast of capitalism is profit. But passage of Biden’s plan has the potential to allow all sectors of the community to reap health, economic, social, as well as educational rewards.

The big question remains: will the public allow Republicans to perpetuate racism, voter suppression, and obstructionism to merely regain power to destroy America as a Republic and create an autocracy?

President Biden’s plan may generate bumps in the roads as it unfolds, but repaired bridges, roads, railways, and cleaner air/water will bring about a brighter future for all of America’s people.

Unlike Republicans, Americans want a government that is of, for and by the people!

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