Rawlvan R. Bennett Presents Unveiling of Bronze Kingdom Gallery in Orlando

Rawlvan R. Bennett is the CEO and founder of Bronze Kingdom, an art gallery-museum located in Orlando, Florida. Bronze Kingdom features the largest collection of African bronzes in the world with over 2,000 pieces from 29 countries, including Nigeria, Cameroon, Mali, Côte d Ivoire, Ghana, Senegal and The Congo. Bennett opened Bronze Kingdom in March 2017 to share the pieces. The gallery-museum is an art gallery that provides educational tours, community engagement and participation in charity auctions. It is home to the largest collection of African bronzes in the world.

There are over 2,000 pieces in the collection and approximately 300 pieces on display. The gallery-museum showcases more than 8,000 square feet of exhibition space. All pieces on display at the gallery-museum are available for purchase and the collection includes work from 29 different African countries and dozens of different tribes. The oldest pieces in the collection are more than 350 years old. The tallest bronze on display is a 12-foot tall, 700-pound sculpture of a horse and rider statue, with the horse rearing upwards on its hind legs.  In addition to African bronzes, visitors to Bronze Kingdom can also view and purchase wooden and beaded African art.

Bennett has been collecting African tribal art since 1980. He founded Bronze Kingdom in 2017 to share his collection with the world and spent six and a half years living in Johannesburg, South Africa. His time in Africa allowed him to visit tribes and gain an even deeper cultural understanding of the works. Unlike many galleries, Bronze Kingdom offers visitors a chance to touch the artwork and even sit on royal thrones.  Bronze Kingdom is located at 8249 Parkline Boulevard, Suite 400, Orlando, Fla. For gallery museum hours, admission prices and more info visit.

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