Northside Harbor View Residents Unite to Gather and Reminisce on the Good Times

 Hundreds of Harbor View family family, friends and current residents gathered at the Legends Center last weekend to rekindle their childhoos and seta vision for the future of their belowved neighborhood. The neighborjood is set off of Soutel Drive on the Northside.

The idea formulated from a Facebook picture of the Phase 2 Band posted by band member Michael Craig Whitfield. At the time, Whitfield was living with his family in Germany, and unaware of the impact the post would generate. By May 2017, what he thought was going to be just a back yard bar-b-cue turned into the Inaugural Annual Harbor View/Northside Reunion. Michael shared his vision with his neighborhood friend Tresonda LaRalle and the event took a life of its own.

People traveled as far away as Houston, Texas to attend the one night reunion.  The highlight of the evening was the reunion of the Phase 2 Band performing two sets singing the hits of the 70’s.

“The Harbor View neighborhood was quiet and it was a time where neighbors actually looked out for each other.  A time where ‘it takes a village’ was a part of everyday life.  A time where there were neighborhood mothers and fathers that nurtured and cared for not just their household, but for the children of the community. We are here to celebrate our parents and the sacrifices they made for us to be here today,” said LaRalle. The night was overflowing with camaraderie, jokes by local comedian Terry Harris, a dinner buffet and neighbors reminiscing about the good old days! Plans are already underway for another event next year. Shown l-r are former Harborview residents Leacy Goshay, Geneva Woolbright and Michelle Proudme.

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