Praying Wife, Healed Husband—How we Survived a Death-Defying COVID-19 Experience

How To Prepare For The Next Crisis: Master Covid-19 Survivors Share Tips & Resources (Including Vaccine Advocacy)  – Best selling author Marcy Myles-Clark is excited to share the release of her inspirational book entitled “Praying Wife, Healed Husband—How we Survived a Death-Defying COVID-19 Experience.”  The book was released in 2021 and features a riveting account of Marcy Myles-Clark’s spiritual fight on behalf of her husband Theirrien “Tee” who was named “Johns Hopkins sickest Covid-19 patient” early in the pandemic. The book also includes a section on “Good Spiritual and Financial/Practical Resources” that they previously implemented and utilized to WIN their battle.  They are sharing these resources to help others to prepare for the next crisis.
Marcy and Theirrien “Tee” Clark

Before March 2020, Marcy and her husband Theirrien “Tee” Clark were your average, fun-loving, empty nesters, living their lives to the fullest, then suddenly, life as they knew it drastically changed. In March 2020, when COVID-19 had just arrived, it struck their household, forcing them to endure the ultimate test of faith. Marcy and Tee would have to fight to sustain their marriage, finances, and their lives.

While Marcy had a mild case of COVID-19, Tee spent 46 days isolated from his beloved wife and family as Johns Hopkins Hospital’s sickest and longest ICU patient that had survived COVID-19.  Doctors had only given him a 15% of survival.  Tee was on the brink of death!
Tee on Ventilator for 28-days
During the period that he was hospitalized, Marcy remained steadfast in her faith and prayerful for Tee’s survival.  She understood what she needed to do and used her God-given faith, knowledge, prayer, and innate talents to help her, and her husband successfully navigate their challenging time.
The book also includes Marcy’s journal entries, progress notes from Tee’s medical team, and inspiring text messages to and from her friends, family, and spiritual leaders.  As a bonus, you will enjoy their self-help section entitled “GOOD RESOURCES”, filled with expert advice and resources to assist you in getting your own house in order regarding your health, wealth, and relationships.  Now more than ever, you must protect yourself in these times of crisis.
Additionally, there is an insightful chapter (12) entitled “Covid-19 and Our Nation’s Healthcare Disparities” This chapter is a compelling observation of the inequalities faced in our healthcare system amongst Black and Brown Americans. In this chapter Marcy uses pre-Covid healthcare statistics to show how Black Americans have had historical economic disadvantages, which majorly hindered and injured (disadvantaged) Blacks during the Covid-19 pandemic. The following section “GOOD RESOURCES” offers tips to help to bridge this gap and further educate.
Marcy is an award winning Healthpreneur, a veteran healthcare professional who holds a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), she is also a licensed Life and Health Insurance and Real Estate consultant.  She has experienced a tremendous amount of success throughout her career. Her combined professional and life experiences gave her the resources she would need to help Tee during his brush with death.
As a 20+ year veteran Pharmaceutical Representative, and longtime family caregiver, Marcy has successfully helped scores of people including patients, clients, and healthcare providers.  Life experiences have taught her the invaluable importance of acquiring resources to generate lifelong skillsets that would later prove to be assets
Marcy actively observes relevant dates including National Financial Awareness Day-August 14, National Life Insurance Awareness (LIAM) month in September, Int’l Patient Safety Day September 17, etc.  She recognizes these dates as special periods because of the significant meanings they have for those who are in need of relevant resources, and for those who understand or seek to understand the benefits of obtaining financial security.
Marcy Myles-Clark is also the founder of the Praying Wife Helps | Praying Wife Helps -Pray, Plan, Prosper  This is a multi-dimensional resource platform, empowering both singles and married couples to thrive, achieve, and overcome life’s obstacles; through the power of faith and prayer first and foremost while achieving financial security.  This platform was birthed as a result of the recent traumatic experience Marcy and her husband Tee endured last year, and it’s their way of turning their “Trials to Triumphs” to empower others.  They have successfully defied the recent life-changing event, and have moved on to become VACCINE ADVOCATES, best-selling authors, innovators, and national headliners.
There is also a Book Trailer for those who are interested in a visual synopsis of the story.  ‘Praying Wife, Healed Husband’ (PWHH) is an inspirational and realistic tale meant to empower and encourage readers, while showing that there is hope in seemingly hopeless situations. PWHH demonstrates the importance of faith when seeking a miracle, while giving tangible resources to help others succeed in their current or future crisis.
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Marcy & Tee Clark will be featured as “Local Authors” and will be personally autographing copies of their book at their local Barnes & Nobles in Ellicott City, MD on Saturday, August 14th from 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.


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