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Your nonprofit is amazing. But what do those outside your circle know about your nonprofit? Sometimes we focus so much on those close to us that we forget there are even more people who know nothing about us. While it’s not a number one priority to “be known” – it is important. In fundraising terms, it’s hard for people to support your nonprofit if they don’t know you exist. With this column we share examples of three nonprofits in the news. These stories share more than the work of a nonprofit – they offer a glimpse into the character of the organization and those who serve as staff and volunteers. They offer a glimpse into the values, vision, commitment, accountability, and generosity at the heart of these nonprofits. It is the combination of ingredients that build a foundation for sustainability. It is the character that sustains an organization through its ups and downs.

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Everyone knows St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. They are relentless with their online advertising, in-store fundraising, runs, merchandise, tv commercials, and more. Their world-class fundraising helps ensure that no family pays for treatment. Their newest exposure opportunity was having Hayley Arceneaux a St. Jude cancer survivor and current physician assistant at the research hospital, join the SpaceX Inspiration4 travel into space. This brought St. Jude’s into everyone’s home with stories of civilian space travel and Hayley’s smiling face and flowing hair. And after she returned to earth, she continued to spread the word about the life-saving power of St. Jude’s. You can’t buy that exposure!

The band Imagine Dragons is another example of passionate publicity for an excellent cause. They founded The Tyler Robinson Foundation in honor of Tyler, a boy who loved their music and with whom they built a strong bond. When Tyler passed, Imagine Dragons strengthened their commitment with the creation of the foundation. Its mission is to strengthen families financially and emotionally as they cope with the tragedy of a pediatric cancer diagnosis by offsetting out-of-pocket life expenses. Those who support the foundation give joyously! Watch this inspiring video

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Lesser known is Memphis Tennessee’s Agape Child & Family Services. This faith-based nonprofit is recognized for its two-generation approach to fighting poverty, creating opportunities, and partnering across the city to connect children and families to resources. This year they were recognized by Governor Lee as one of the nonprofits highlighted in his 12 days of Giving. December 16th was Agape Child & Family Services day. On top of this the local paper, the Commercial Appeal – named them one of the best places to work. That same month Valero honored them with a $100,000 gift to their Families in Transition program which helps women and their children who are leaving domestic violence.

These are three examples of nonprofits in the news. They are an invitation to get involved. Will your nonprofit creatively join the list? What are your plans for spreading your good news?

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