No Surprise, No Doubt!

Dr. E. Faye Williams

By Dr. E. Faye Williams, Esq.


I’ve never witnessed it.  It’s only been reported to me by those present to experience it.  It’s an open secret that is made no better with a direct acknowledgment of its existence!  I speak of the denigration of people of color by a racist who, in the sanctuary of an all white audience, thinks that all in attendance sympathize and agree with the racist bile that will ultimately spew forth from his mouth.

I cannot speak with complete authority, but I am willing to wager much, if not all, which I possess that #45 spoke with thoughts of the impunity of anonymity when he allegedly labeled El Salvador, Haiti, and African states as “S–THOLES.”  Reflecting on the past and in the absence of an immediate and vigorous White House denial, I believe #45 guilty of these allegations of overt racism.  I’m not surprised and I have no doubt!

The Washington Post reports #45 as saying, “Why are we having all these people from s–thole countries come here?” These comments came on January 11th in the wake of bipartisan discussions for restoring protections for immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador and African states.  Contrasting this animus, #45 suggested that instead of allowing the immigration of these people of color, the US should bring more immigrants from countries like Norway.

These derisive comments are dramatically similar to those made in December when #45 said, Haitians “All have A.I.D.S” and that once Nigerian immigrants saw the United States they would never “go back to their huts.”  Sadly, it is apparent that the judgments and decisions made by this man are informed by fundamental racism — a racism that’s as likely to moderate as is the likelihood of the Sun rising in the west and setting in the east.

Whatever one thinks of #45, no one should feign surprise with the progressively egregious and insulting nature of his comments and conduct.  From the opening remarks of his campaign, upon which he based insults directed at Hispanic immigrants, through his “Good” Nazi Charlottesville comments to his most recent, #45 has never tried to disguise his true nature to those listening in earnest.  He has never apologized, and most likely will never do so.

For years, the prevailing unanswered question has been “when will his rank and objectionable behavior be rejected for what it is – inconsistent with the stated values of our nation, destructive to our status in the world community and ultimately damaging to our recent history and legacy?”

For too long, #45’s political party has allowed partisan interests to supersede our national interests.  Leaders in his party who could have offered influential challenges to his numerous bad acts and failures – domestically and internationally – have shrunken from their responsibility.  Until appropriate shame engulfs Republicans and yanks them out of their self-made trap of compliance and complicity with Trump, they will languish in an ever-diminishing trash heap of insignificance.

#45’s party has embraced a strategy of political immediacy.  Like a glutton who has been ushered into a banquet hall, Republicans have dived into their long awaited meal of political dominance with little regard for the suffering THEY will experience at the dawn of a new day.  With little thought given to future consequence, they craft laws today that will be repealed when the pendulum of political power swings in the other direction.

I liken Trump Republicans to consumers of illegal steroids that have built their strength, but will ultimately lead them to their early demise.  I call upon Republican leaders and those who support #45 to bring him into check before he leads your party and, more importantly, our nation into disaster.  His offense is too great and an apology is not enough!


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