New Black Panther Party Marches Forth with Rallies for Justice

MIN. Mikhail Muhammad speaking to attendees’, while Brother Azariah provides security.

In an effort to bring attention to recent injustice in South Georgia and Northeast Florida, Black Lawyers For Justice Attorney Malik Zulu Shabazz and New Black Party Ministers Mikhail Muhammad and James Muhammad held press conferences and community meetings.  The groups focused on the recent lawsuits filed in Kingsland, Ga on the behalf of the estate of Tony “Punch”’ Greene and Selwyn Hall who were murdered by current Jacksonville, Florida police Officers McGhee and Zachariah Pressley (former Kingsland, Georgia Police Officer).

Community meeting topics included unity, organizing against police terrorism and brutality, economic solidarity and taking action now versus later. Some 75 community members and speakers were in attendance representing people from many different backgrounds, religions, career paths.

Many solutions were brought up such as building relationships, improving communications, increasing knowledge and awareness, and attending laws. Attendees talked about solutions that included taking a holistic approach starting from the inside of our bodies and cleaning up the community.

One of the greater points was getting to know one another as that is truly the only way to build lasting relationships and trust amongst the community.

Ali, a community member stated,” When you call the police on a person, their life is in danger.” Alexander, a community member stated that, “Democracy is good but slow”. He also mentioned that our community is being poisoned and killed and that it is starting in the womb and continuing through vaccines, food, air and water.

The next organized event is the District of Soul Arts Market at Moncrief & Myrtle,Wednesday, May 15th and the Women’s Cultural Conference, Saturday, May 18th.

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