Miracle Ear Hearing Aid Mindful Summer

Some sounds synonymous with summer can also be the most harmful for our hearing. From sporting events and fireworks to concerts, parties, and yard work, protecting your hearing should be a priority this summer.

A new survey from Miracle-Ear highlighted that 98% of Gen X/Baby Boomers will experience loud noise this summer, most commonly at concerts or festivals (90%) and during 4th of July fireworks (89%).

Noise from fireworks can reach up to 155 decibels, which can be louder than a jackhammer (130 dB) or a jet plane taking off (150 dB). Miracle-Ear experts recommend using earplugs when around loud noises this summer.

The survey also found that 76% of respondents reported using headphones or earbuds, and 40% admit they probably listen with the volume too loud. If you’re heading to a concert, grab a pair of earplugs to bring with you! Jamming to your favorite band? Try reducing earbud usage and volume to protect your hearing.

Experts from Miracle-Ear are available to discuss how to best care for your hearing this summer to protect one of your most important senses.

Other things to be mindful of this summer that Miracle-Ear experts can also discuss:

  • Hydration and Hearing: Dehydration thickens earwax, causing blockages and discomfort. Stay adequately hydrated for healthy ear function.
  • Swimmer’s Ear: How to avoid ear clogging when you just can’t get out of the pool!
  • Summertime Allergies: Avoid ear infections from those pesky allergies that clog your sinuses.
  • Jet-setting: Steering clear of that annoying, unpoppable ear from your travels during your summer vacation.
  • Checking in with your doctor: Make sure your hearing is in good shape for the warmer weather activities by an annual hearing check.

Hearing loss isn’t fatal, but it can lead to several health-related issues down the line. Dementia and depression have been linked to untreated hearing loss, so be sure to have your ears checked regularly.  72% of GenXers and Boomers surveyed reported that hearing loss has harmed their mental, physical, and financial health, although the survey reveals widespread inaction among these aging Americans.


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