Men’s Day Celebration Focus on Faith, Fatherhood and the Fellowship through Music

By Jeroline D. McCarthy –

African American men have always been the foundations of the Black family, but that very foundation is often times under attack from various sources.  The Black church has historically been led by strong men, and has been a place that men can grow, teach, mentor and transform.

It’s that very spirit in which First AME Church of Palm Coast held a Men’s Day celebration last Sunday, led by the Reverend E. J. Parker. Building strong men and stabilizing families is a priority of the church.

Rev. Parker preached the word and excitedly introduced the Men’s Day Choir, led by Deacon John White. During the program, Leonard Hunt Sr. was recognized as the first church minister of music and David Fowlkes was designated as the Men’s Day chair.

Participating in the program, First Baptist Pastor Rev. Gillard S. Glover said, “I want to take a moment to salute our men.  They are enjoying themselves, and are doing well.”

The sermon topic was, “Faithfully Following the Father,” discoursed from Genesis 22:7, 8.  Summarizing the sermon, Rev. Parker’s discourse was that Fathers and sons today do not worship together.  He said, “Consequently, when our youngsters are caught up in the storms of life, winds, rain and the difficulties that assail they do not have anything of faith to hold on to.”

“The providential hand of God that has been there, and will be there for us – whether we are on our way to make sacrifice, or are on our way to make celebration, God is there with us,” Rev. Parker proclaimed. The program was attended by dozens of local men from around Northeast Florida.

Shown are the Men’s Day choir and guest.


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