Master P Gives Back to New Orleans Seniors

Master P Gives Back to Elderly

Master P poses with elderly residents who live at Guste Homes in New Orleans, LA

New Orleans, LA— Businessman and entrepreneur Percy Miller aka Master P recently took time to visit Guste Homes, a residency complex for elderly and low income people in the city of New Orleans. He commented, “I don’t want to forget about the elderly. These are the people that helped raise and guide us. If we make it, we are supposed to come back, help preserve them, take care of them, cherish and love them. They are our wisdom.”

He continued, “I noticed that many times the elderly are lonely and barely being visited. My organization, Team Hope NOLA, is focusing on celebrating, thanking and appreciating the elderly by helping beautify their property and most importantly spending time with them.”

After Master P himself, helped with some of the indoor painting efforts, he ushered the Guste Homes residents for a special surprise, where he and his partners fed meals to over 2,000 elderly men and women. They also gifted the facility with a new flat screen TV, laptops, chairs, tables and furniture for their community center.

Guste Homes CEO Cynthia Wiggins summed up the morning best with her words of gratitude for Master P: “Thank you for being an example to the community of what success really means by giving back to the community that helped raise you and held you down.”

A stellar example indeed!

Watch the video below:

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