Masjid Al-Salaam Dialogues on Health, Food, Medicine, Mental Health and Food Desserts

Masjid Al-Salaam held a symposium to dialogue and explore the conversation of “Death by Food.”

Over 50 Masjid members, families and friends showed up to hear featured speaker Queen Neith discuss the hidden dangers in modified foods. The afternoon affair also spoke to managing your health, food desserts, daily intake of meals, medicine, exercise and mental health. In addition, participates attended a workshop entitled: ‘Putting Heath Back in Order’.

The dialogue session was held Sunday, April 15th at the Al-Salaam Masjid located on Pearl St.  “We are proud of this dialogue and workshop presentation. Jacksonville’s food desserts are creating an empty hole for grocery stores that are abruptly closing, which hinders the ability to provide healthy food choices for our families.” The Masjid plans to stay tuned to the ‘Death by Food’ dialogue and will be following up with part two at the end of the year. Shown at the dialogue session (L-R) is Abdul Fuqran-El, Kadijah Burns, Queen Neith, Adilah Sharif, Jendayai and Mackinde Brooks.

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