Marissa Alexander Joins the Ready4Work Team

Marissa Alexander, Career Development Instructor for Ready4Work program in Jacksonville
Operation New Hope welcomes Marissa Alexander as our newest Career Development Instructor for the Ready4Work program. Marissa brings with her a host of skills and lived experiences that will help our clients successfully reconnect with the workforce, their families, and the community following incarceration. Marissa shared with us how excited she is to join the team:
“I am excited to join the passionate team at Operation New Hope and support its powerful mission. I know what it’s like to face housing and employment discrimination when you’re trying to rebuild your life. You struggle with low confidence and low self-esteem, and it can be easy to give up. It’s empowering to be supported by people who understand that one negative experience doesn’t define you. I’m honored to help remove reentry barriers by helping Ready4Work clients see and prepare for a positive future.” Marissa holds an MBA in Management. In her earlier career, she held leadership roles responsible for coaching, performance success management, and career development of teams supporting Client Relations, and Payroll and Human Resources services. Welcome to the Operation New Hope family Marissa!

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