Local Musician Toni Mundy Releases Original Jazz CD

By Lynn Jones – Toni P. Mundy recently stopped by the Jax Free Press office for staff to personally review her new CD, entitled “Lost In Love.”  The Stanton graduate who also played in the Darnell Cookman Band, was born into a musical family. Her late father Albert C. Peterson was a professional musician who played the saxophone in addition to the clarinet, soprano sax, tenor sax and alto saxophone. Toni elaborated, “My late parents Albert and Aria Peterson bought a piano to provide piano lessons for my two sisters and I”.  The piano was the first musical instrument that Toni learned to play and immediately fell in love.  During her teenage years, Toni became motivated to learn other musical instruments, the clarinet, organ, drums, guitar, saxophone and others.  In 2005, Toni began her quest to compose 52 original jazz musical and vocal selections. The  process was completed with the help of her sister Linda Crawford, who assisted her in copyrighting her work in the library of congress.  Today Toni’s dreams have come true and she is now an accomplished musical artist.  Her 1st musically produced CD is entitled: “Lost in Love”. The CD features 12 of her 52 songs. The songs are jazz melody tunes derived of love lost, love forgotten and break-ups to make up! Track one entitled, “Lost in Love,” is a jazzy collaboration of a piano/saxophone love song. Track 2, “Night Passions” is reminiscent of a musical vibration tune mixing the sounds of the late great bebop maestro artist Duke Ellington meets jazz aficionado Miles Davis.  Track 3, “Loves Destiny” is slow methodic piano chord harmony. Track 5, “Tell Me Truly” presents a true avowal to the current state of smooth jazz artist Najee and Alexander Zonjic. The 12 track CD is a creative keyboard jazz selection infusing the sounds of piano, clarinet, saxophone, drums and the organ  Each song on the CD is comparable to the late great jazz artist that created the sound of African, Spanish, and native cultures to create a unique sound from the history of be-bop and the blues.  Call Toni today for a copy  at (904) 586-2340. 5 stars.











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