Last Spring was Bittersweet Excerpts: Book 2

BOOK 2 – Synopsis – After his pregnant sweetheart, Michaela, bows to her parents’ pressure and is sent to Strasbourg, France, Yrvin feels betrayed and now reels in a web of sadness. His world has become so foggy that he can no longer see the major milestone he has just crossed in his immigrant journey. He is now a Barry University graduate, one of the most prestigious institutions in South Florida, with a bachelor’s degree in software engineering—with which he expects to land his dream job.

His mother and siblings still live in Haiti, but dwelling in the sorrow of a lost love does not allow him to face the crucial task that awaits him in the painstaking process to be reunited with them in America. A coup d’état in Haiti against a democratically elected president exacerbates his pain.

Down in darkness, the way forward looks bleak—until his sister Nana comes to the rescue, reminding him of all the sacrifices he has made thus far. Sacrifices which would be in vain unless he finds a way to beat back waves of uncertainties that threaten his sanity.

Heeding his sister’s call, Yrvin fights and wins against his loneliness but only to hit the great barrier through which he must break to conquer his own American dream. Despite the distance, the romantic betrayal, and the passage of time, Yrvin’s hope of reuniting someday with Michaela and being a father for his child never fades. Although the sorrow and grief of the early days no longer play the spooky ghost of his lonely nights.

Delving into captivating yet complex aspects of life, love, and survival, Last Spring was Bittersweet is an impressive tale told with finesse, elegance, and a vivid style that has long been the trademark of Ardain as a writer.

It is the sequel to his critically acclaimed novel published last year under the title of Bittersweet Memories of Last Spring. Ardain Isma is an essayist and novelist. He teaches Research Methods at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. He is the author of several critically acclaimed literary works, including Midnight at Noon and Alicia Maldonado: A Mother Lost

 Like book 1, book 2 is available everywhere they sell books, including Barnes and NobleWalmart, and Amazon

Brief bio 

Ardain Isma is a career educator, university professor and a scholar. He is an essayist and editorial board member of several universities’ publications, including the NSU (Nova Southeastern University) TESOL journal. He is the Chief-Editor of CSMS Magazine, a magazine which represents the principal medium for the Center for Strategic and Multicultural Studies (CSMS), a professional organization made up of academics whose aim is to promote Cross-Cultural Awareness. Ardain Isma has written extensively on three main issues: writers’ tools for success, social justice, and multiculturalism. He is also the author of Midnight at Noon, a contemporary novel that describes not only the current state of modern day Haiti, but also provides in-depth elements for readers to understand Haiti and its glorious past. Ardain Isma currently lives and works in suburban Jacksonville.

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