John Hall and J.D. Smith Announce New Book, “100 Questions Black People Should Ask Themselves”

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Las Vegas, NV — African Americans have struggled with issues of upward economic mobility, violence and mass incarceration for decades. The time has come to start asking the right questions to find permanent solutions to the troubles facing people of color.

uthors John Hall and J.D. Smith are doing something about the situation in their new book titled 100 Questions Black People Should Ask Themselves. The purpose of the book is to trigger conversations among African Americans about dealing with the major issues they face.
It’s a well-written book from two experienced people, who understand the importance of inspiration. Their message helps build a sense of empowerment and increased determination for positive change. The book is available on Amazon as a Kindle eBook and Paperback.

African Americans need to begin talking seriously about the issues facing them. One of the biggest challenges is the economic issue. Black households have only one-tenth the net worth of white households and the gap is growing. By 2053, the average net worth of black Americans is expected to be $0. If things don’t improve, the future prosperity of black Americans is at stake.

100 Questions Black People Should Ask Themselves is a book that asks pointed and thought-provoking questions that are well worth reflection and consideration. It shows that change starts from within, and there is a need to begin to transform situations in order to make things better for the future. It asks questions on empowerment, honesty, and the African American’s ability to create a world they want to be in, instead of begging for acceptance to be in the world of other people. No one will solve these problems for African Americans except themselves so, serious action has to be taken to create changes that will usher in a new age of financial security.

About John Hall

John Hall is a licensed financial advisor that previously worked in corporate America for a large Wall Street broker-dealer. He’s also the founder of Wealth Legion, a financial education and personal development platform featuring a podcast, essential books, courses, coaching, and regular interviews with successful entrepreneurs, CEOs, and people in government. John is also on the advisory board for ‘Your Passion 1st’ – a non-profit, podcast-based mentoring & coaching platform looking to be the industry leader in workforce readiness festivals, workshops, and events.

About J.D. Smith

Co-author J.D. Smith is a brilliant economist, brand strategist, and founder of the media platform, commonly referred to as “The Black Wall Street Journal.” Hipturist educates on branding and business strategies that help individuals create more income and have greater impact. His latest work has been featured on the popular Fox television series, Empire.

For more information, please contact John Hall at 309-275-7758,, or visit

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