JJ The Funny Kid: Turns Trauma into Business Opportunity – Drink Up!

JJ The Funny Kid

Jamar Boykins, an 11 year old Jacksonville boy turns trauma into humor. His comedic videos have gone viral but only after fighting through the pains of losing his three-year old brother, Connor Mickens, to gun violence and domestic abuse.

An unforgettable scene has been embedded into this loveable, joyful, young soul, but JJ has taken those horrors of watching his little brother fall victim and decided to not only make people laugh with his online antics but he has his sights set on even bigger things, becoming a creative entrepreneur at such an early age. With his ingenuity and happy, vibrant spirit he has brought a new product to market called the Funny Juice. This drink, which has just been launched, is making its way around the world through word of mouth, Amazon, Retro Palms Distribution and Atlas Star Records.

Jamar Boykins aka JJ The Funny Kid has been gaining support from some celebrities like Young Cash, radio hosts like DJ Shock and will soon have many more names added to the list as his presence and brand recognition grows. He hopes to continue to promote comedy, his new vitamin packed fruit drink and to speak out against domestic violence.

The Funny Juice can be bought at www.amazon.com and www.retro-palms.com

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