Jacksonville Finds it Voice in National Conversation

Protest at the Jacksonville Sheriffs Office
Protest at the Jacksonville Sheriffs Office – Hundreds of coordinated organizations participated in a peaceful protests featuring victim turned advocate Ron Davis, son of slain native son Jordan Davis. Organizers said the Jacksonville Sheriffs (JSO) and the State Attorneys Office (SAO) have not been transparent regarding their demand for answers on subjects including the excessive use of force against black residents and the refusal to release body cam footage.

Souls to the Polls  – Organizers hosted a Souls to the Polls drive in vote by mail registration event downtown as the former Afro-American Life Insurance Building now known as the AME Church Center.  the event allowed community members to register to vote, request a vote-by-mail ballot,  update their address and signature on their registration and learn about the merits of vote by mail, all while staying in their cars. Members of the Organizing Together team wore protective equipment and sanitized after registering each individual. “Vote-by-mail is safe, secure and a trackable option for voters,” Representative Davis remarked. “Covid-19 has changed our world but voting brings us normalcy. Florida has so many options for a voter to use, however, voting-by-mail allows voter to remain healthy and safe while exercising their right to vote,” said Davis.   Organize Together 2020 recommends all vote by mail requesters make sure their address and signature are up to date. Duval County residents have until August 8th, by 5 p.m. to request a vote by mail ballot. Organizing Together 2020 is a community-based and volunteer-driven, designed to get progressive infrastructure running earlier than ever before.   For more information, visit www.florida.organizing2020.com

Unemployment and Rent Relief – Duval County activist halted their car procession that was a mobile protest in memory of lives lost to COVID-19, and in demand of unemployment and rent relief. To add impact to their protest, fake body bags were on their cars when they stopped in front of City Hall. “DeSantis is rushing people back to work even if that means putting our health and the lives of our families and co-workers at risk. We need unemployment checks, and rent relief now,” said Serena Perez, Organizing Director for the New Florida Majority.
Jax Protests Turn Violent – The violent outrage felt around the nation touched in Jacksonville as well resulting in the city having a two day mandatory 8 p.m. curfew. After the peaceful protests ended, over 200 rioters ascended in the streets.  A young man was shown in front of police officers to abuse him in the streets of downtown Jacksonville. Multiple windows of the Jessie Ball duPont Center on Adams Streets were smashed along wish the graffiti of surrounding buildings were damaged in the melee.

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