Jacksonville Crime Survivors Head to State Capitol to Demand Public Safety and Victim Support

Shown is Families of Slain Children CEO Beverly McClain and victims advocate supportor A.J. Jordon holding a sign with the names of slain victims.

Jacksonville crime victims will travel by bus, joining hundreds in Tallahassee to rally for victim support, policies to help end the cycle of crime. Early morning bus send-off: Interviews with local crime survivors & strong visuals as families carry photos of loved ones lost to violence

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. –  On Tuesday at 6:00am, dozens of Jacksonville crime survivors will board buses en route to the state capitol, where they will join more than 400 fellow crime survivors and families of murder victims from across the state for Survivors Speak Florida – organized by Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice. During a press conference, they will urge lawmakers to expand service for crime victims and their families and pass reforms they say will help break cycles of crime.

WHAT: Bus send-off for local crime survivors and families of crime victims headed to the state capitol to demand safety reforms

WHEN: Tuesday, January 23 at 6:00am EST

WHERE: Families of Slain Children, 2212 Myrtle Ave N, Jacksonville, FL 32209

WHO: Dozens of local survivors of gun violence, sexual assault, domestic violence, and other crimes, to be joined by the following public safety leaders and elected officials at the capitol:

  • Beverly McClain
  • Feletta Produme

WHY: Crime victims are calling for policies that address trauma, support victims, and tackle the root causes of crime.

This year, local members of Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice are continuing their push to make Florida communities safer for all, supporting bipartisan bills and regulations to:

  • Right-size penalties for low-level probation violations to improve safety
  • Increase access to sealing low-level misdemeanor records – to get people back to work
  • Fund expanding trauma recovery services in Jacksonville to serve crime victims

ASJ’s unique advocacy, which puts the voices and needs of crime survivors at its heart, was incredibly effective in 2023. Legislative wins included passing SB 376 to ensure that arrest records without convictions are sealed at the state and local level, opening opportunities for those with an old arrest to move forward with their lives, support their families and build solid futures. ASJ also championed passage of landmark legislation HB 233, better known as Curtis’ Law, that ensures families of homicide victims have access to basic information about their loved one’s case and investigation.


Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice is a national network of crime survivors, with more than 13,600 across Florida, joining together to create healing communities and shape public safety policy. With more than 180,000 members and growing, including chapters and leaders across the country, Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice is building a movement to promote public safety policies that help the people and communities most harmed by crime and gun violence. For more information, visit: https://cssj.org/.

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