Ingrid Bethel Wins Free Press Women’s History Contest

On the heels of Women’s History Month, the Free Press printed their annual women’s history month contest to engage subscribers on their knowledge of women’s history in Jacksonville and around the nation. The extensive questionnaire asked the reader to be the first to find the first!

The winner of the contest is Ingrid Bethel, ESQ., a Tampa native and two year subscriber.  Ingrid drove across town to retrieve the $150 winning prize. A graduate of Florida Coastal School of Law, Bethel is a history buff and takes pride in knowing many of the answers, while also having to peruse the internet to complete the contest. For those who think newspapers are archaic, she shares, “Wherever I reside, we make it our business to start a subscription to the Black press,” she said.  Ingrid also mentioned that it is critical for communities to know the importance of black newspapers that print stories for us and about us.  Shown is winner Ingrid Bethel with her winning check.

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