Hoyer Video Message on Black History Month

House Democratic Whip Steny H. Hoyer (MD) released a video message today marking Black History Month, which is recognized during the month of February.

“Hi.  I’m Congressman Steny Hoyer of Maryland and the Democratic Whip in the House of Representatives. We mark Black History Month this year by celebrating the legacy of the thousands who braved violence and intimidation a half-century ago when they stood up for the equal right to vote.

“Led by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., my friend Congressman John Lewis, and some of the leading voices from across the Civil Rights Movement, those who marched from Selma to Montgomery in 1965 woke the nation with their feet and inspired us all with their courage, conviction, and resolve.  The rest of America could no longer ignore the injustice and inequality in our country.  ‘Bloody Sunday’ and the Selma marches created momentum that led to the passage of the landmark Voting Rights Act that same year.

“Fifty years later, it must be the work of our feet, our voices, and our action – to restore the protections included in the Voting Rights Act to ensure every American’s right to register and vote, which were undermined by the Supreme Court decision in 2013.  The right to vote is the most fundamental guarantee each of us has as Americans to protect our equal access to the opportunities inherent in the American Dream.

“As we mark this year’s Black History Month, let us draw inspiration from the brave men and women who marched fifty years ago as we look to the future.  I join in celebrating the many contributions that African Americans have made to shape the course of our nation and the world, and I look forward to working with my friends and colleagues in the Congressional Black Caucus to continue the work of the Civil Rights Movement.”

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